Andrea Passerini

Andrea graduated in architecture from the Milan Polytechnic. Since 1989 he has been working with Studio Cantarelli, Nola. He contributed to the team's transition to innovative design practices and the use of CAD. He participated in the architectural and urban design activities of the Studio.

Since 2008 he has collaborated with Parallela snc on construction design issues for the Porta Nuova Varesine intervention, an opportunity to approach the design of high complexity buildings, as head of the technical area deepens the study and detailed technological analysis on the construction project. At the same time he approaches BIM issues and learns the use of parametric three-dimensional modeling software.

Since 2013 he began his collaboration with Planimetro stp following as head of the technical area the activity of executive and construction design of complex buildings through the advanced use of BIM process tools.

In particular, he has been responsible for the application of BIM in the technological deepening of the project, including aspects of interdisciplinary coordination, and of the use of BIM as an aid to quantitative project analysis. He was also in charge of the in-depth aspects on technical regulations and technical specifications of materials and elements of the project.